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Boston PL - Black Is... 2012 [Black History Month]

Annotation:Every title on the Black Is... 2012 list, in order by title. Includes print books, audiobooks, and eBooks.

Annotation:View all the Black Is... lists from 1993 to the current year.

Annotation:Musicians, poets and activists are the focus of this year's Black Is... biographies.

Annotation:The politics of race and the experience of African-American women are among the current topics on this list.

Annotation:From poetry to music, comedy to food, there's a tremendous variety in this year's Expressions.

Annotation:An excellent collection of literary, realistic, historical, mystery and science fiction.

Annotation:Little Rock to Harlem, women and slavery to Howard Thurman in India - travel through 400 years and more of African-American history.

Annotation:Travel to Somalia, Haiti, Nigeria and around the world through this selection of international black fiction.

Annotation:Don't miss the latest from Sapphire, Kimberla Roby, Nikki Turner and Pearl Cleage.


The Black Is... Booklist is a list of recent books concerning the African-American experience. It is published as part of the Boston Public Library's observance of Black History Month each year.

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