EventsA Curious Future: Exploring Divination Techniques & Practices

A Curious Future: Exploring Divination Techniques & Practices

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM


Take a journey into the fascinating world of divination with Kiki Dombrowski!

Divination is the practice of using objects, premonitions, signs, and omens to foretell important events. In this introductory course, we will explore divination and the many fascinating ways we can predict the future. This course will serve as an overview of the many different types of divination and will help students discover the best methods for getting started in their own divination practice.

This program series will take place on Zoom the fourth Wednesday of each month from July to December 2021 and will focus on a specific divination practice:

  • 7/28  -  Introduction to Divination
  • 8/25  -  Cartomancy
  • 9/22  -  Pendulums & Dowsing
  • 10/27  -  Halloween Divination
  • 11/24  -  Casting Lots
  • 12/22  -  Runes

Kiki Dombrowski is the author of Eight Extraordinary Days and A Curious Future. She is a regular contributor for Witch Way Magazine, as well as a spiritual researcher and explorer who has spent her life studying mythology, magic, tarot, witchcraft, and the supernatural. She has a master's degree in Medieval English from the University of Nottingham and a bachelor's degree in English and creative writing from Southern Connecticut State University.

A Curious Future: A Handbook of Unusual Divination and Unique Oracular Techniques

by Kiki Dombrowski

We have been obsessed with predicting the future ever since the dawn of civilization. We've watched the stars, gazed into crystal balls, thrown bones, and read cards with the hope of getting a glimpse of future events. We have found ways to divine with just about everything, all in an effort to better understand ourselves and our place in this magical world.

A Curious Future is your guidebook to a variety of divination practices. Did you know that you can divine with wine? Or that a simple pair of dice can give you prophetic insight? Or that candle wax may help answer questions about your inquisitive inquiries? This book will help you predict the future through a variety of insightful, and sometimes unusual, techniques.

This greatly expanded second edition offers extended interpretations, additional reflective passages, and even more choices of curious divination to try. Learn different methods for awakening your psychic abilities to support your exploration into divination. Learn how to scry, use dowsing rods, read tea leaves, work with Runes, see auras, decipher omens in clouds, and much more. A Curious Future can help you move forward onto a mystical and inspiring path!

Suitable for:
Teens (Ages 13-18)
Young Adults (Ages 20-34)
College Students
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