The Old Man and the Sea describes the harsh and brutal elements that Santiago, a fisherman, must endure to continue doing the thing he loves the most, fishing. Santiago is an old fisherman who longs to catch a fish as he had failed to catch one for eighty-four days which results in Manolin, a young boy, to leave him for another boat per his father’s request. On the eighty-fifth day, an epic battle takes place between the old, seasoned fisherman and what would be the greatest catch of his life. Throughout the battle, Santiago’s determination and faith are put to the test.

This novel is definitely one that I enjoyed reading because of the emotional turmoil that Santiago goes through throughout the classic novella. It is a drastic change from the typical fiction novel that is common today as it tells of a one-of-a-kind relationship between a fisherman and a young boy. My main critique is the advanced comprehension that the reader must have in order to fully understand the entire plot. Because of this, I would not recommend this to the average reader, but I would definitely advise an avid reader to read the book from cover to cover.
- Age Rating: 10+

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