Ben Fountain succeeds extravagantly at penning a satire that takes an unflinching look at the disconnect between America's shallow, self-indulgent civilian popuation and the war in Iraq.

The soldiers of Bravo company have distinguished themselves in battle, losing one of their number, and have been brought home for a two-week victory lap around America. SPC Billy Lynn, the company's 19-year-old hero of heroes, is a bit of a lost lamb, longing to believe that his fellow citizens are worth fighting for and that the American dream still awaits him, if he can just survive his remaining 11 months of duty. Almost every encounter in his two weeks on American soil, and particularly on this final day of the public relations-driven victory tour, seems designed to relieve him of his naivete.

If foul language bothers you (as the abundance of it in this book did me), you might steer clear. Apart from that, this is a well-written and insightful book.

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