Forty Beads
Forty Beads The Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming your Marriage By Evans, Carolyn Book - 2011

I imagine this book as a source of inspiration for a "The Real Housewives of Charleston" series but I've never seen an episode of the reality TV program, so maybe sketching a connection is way off. Maybe an alternate subtitle for the book though could be "The so-so sensual planner for soccer moms." Well, regardless, its author with a graduate degree in social work brings plenty of "let me tell you how it really is girlfriend" tone of a rocker chick who has not given up her like of happy hours. Mrs. Evans also comes across as assured that her life is going to include enough other "me" time too and that means not letting marital bedroom doldrums drag her into divorce court. She is less convincing whether she's willing to give much of that time to persuade other married women that her hubbie hotline bling system is really an equitable or appetizing sharing of granting a household hook-up. In fact, there's essentially an author admission at one point to retaining some of that control for withdrawing "Who's a good boy?" rewards from the domestic partner who is otherwise viewed, somewhat surprisingly, with compassion for his neurologically-wired need for humping. Overall, the book is a strange dose of recognizing the challenge of keeping exciting tension in a marriage after years of that bond, a bit of creative problem-solving, nods to traditional wisdom and domestic practices, and largely a whiff at uplifting the hope or techniques for reviving romance and rekindling fires.

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