I once heard someone say something like, ``Mistrust anyone who tells you what something means.'' Or in this case that something does not mean (as in the comment below). That Milton's theology does not have sense is not a trustworthy statement. I have to limit myself to the background of alchemy and the esoteric Judeo-Christian tradition, when I say that armed with a little more reading---there are 1600 years of such primary text, that predates Milton, to choose from---Milton's very readable poem is full of sense. I am not very much interested in the biographical, but a rigorous reading of the whole of Paradise Lost uncovers that Milton was very well-read in the occult---that sense blooms throughout Paradise Lost.

Google `paradise lost facsimile'. There is beautiful pdf of a scanned facsimile edition produced by someone at the University of Toronto I think.

There is something sort of corrupt about modernized texts.

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