Dog Man
Dog Man For Whom the Ball Rolls By Pilkey, Dav, 1966- Graphic Novel - 2019

why do they have it in library not in the stores first you buy it at the store and you can keep it but here you have too wait a long time because everybody wants it.

okay how I got to know this book is.

first I was at school u know just a normal day then when it was reading time I saw that everybody was reading it well everybody wanted to read it then once I started reading it I was like wow this is a good book then I read the second even BETTER so then the third not bad but okay it wasn't the best but still fine it was kind of bad but the fourth was interesting so I thought I should not read it yet because I needed a little break of dog man then I finally read some of and said to myself I need to stop reading now cause I wanted to save it but I really really really wanted to read it because its cool and awesome and sad but it got better.
like if u think too cause this is better then the 5th has more but when does the new one come out ? ;) have a good day! and guys the people that did five stars you make no sense because you haven't even read it and you do five star you actually have to read it first before u put a star on it.

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