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Tap the Magic Tree
Graphic Novel - 2013
If You Go Down to the Woods Today
Book - 2021
A Peek-through Picture Book
Book - 2015
The Leaf Detective
How Margaret Lowman Uncovered Secrets in the Rainforest
Book - 2021
We Planted A Tree
Book - 2010
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Book - 1987
As An Oak Tree Grows
Book - 2014
The Tree Lady
The True Story of How One Tree-loving Woman Changed A City Forever
Book - 2013
Luna and Me
The True Story of A Girl Who Lived in A Tree to Save A Forest
Book - 2015
We Are Water Protectors
Book - 2020
The Lorax
by Seuss
Book - 1999
Wangari's Trees of Peace
A True Story From Africa
Book - 2008
Can You Hear the Trees Talking?
Discovering the Hidden Life of the Forest
Book - 2019
The Wisdom of Trees
How Trees Work Together to Form A Natural Kingdom
Book - 2021
Slow Down
50 Mindful Moments in Nature
Book - 2020
30 Activities and Observations for Exploring the World of Trees and Forests
Book - 2016
A Forest in the City
Book - 2020
Kings of the Forest
Graphic Novel - 2018
National Audubon Society First Field Guide
Book - 1999
Book - 2005
Thoreau at Walden
Graphic Novel - 2018
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