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"Comminution of Aeolian Materials on Mars"Final Technical ReportMarshall, John R.MicroformGOV DOCS NAS 1.26:208221
Improved Grindability of Taconite Ores by Microwave HeatingWalkiewicz, J. W.MicroformGOV DOCS I 28.23:9559
Hydrometallurgical Production of Copper From Flotation ConcentratesCobble, J. R.MicroformGOV DOCS I 28.23:9472
Effects of Turbomilling Parameters on the Simultaneous Grinding and Ferric Sulfate Leaching of ChalcopyriteRice, David A.BookGOV DOCS I 28.23:9351
Reducing Particle Dimensions of ChunkwoodRadcliffe, Robert C.BookGOV DOCS A 13.78:NC-296
Effects of Turbomilling Parameters on the Comminution of α-SiCHoyer, Jesse L.BookGOV DOCS I 28.23:9097
Comminution by the Attrition Grinding ProcessStanczyk, Martin H.BookGOV DOCS I 28.3:670
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